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Smart Hestia Telescope By Vaonis-12 Best Features And Uses

How is Hestia telescope so unique?

12 Features of Hestia Telescope

  1. Hestia uses smartphone’s camera so that it can view the window.
  2. It is easy to handle, portable, and can conveniently be taken into a backpack.
  3. It’s a special device that can change your smart phone into an astronomy tool
  4. Hestia provides 25x magnification since it is not a traditional telescope with a simple eyepiece.
  5. It has a 30mm lens that is attached to your phone’s camera.
  6. Hestia telescope has a deep purpose of capturing multiple images.
  7. The best part is, Hestia telescope has a dedicated app that stacks amazing views of objects
  8. Hestia telescope easily functions to create a clearer, sharper view of multiple objects
  9. Hestia uniquely collects light so that smartphone’s camera sensor can easily detect it.
  10. It does not have complex setup or extensive astronomy knowledge required.
  11. Hestia is lightweight and easy to use with advance features
  12. It is affordable if you compare it with other telescopes.

5 Uses of Hestia Telescope

  1. It’s perfect for camping trips, astronomy gatherings, or simply stepping outside on a clear night to admire the wonders of the universe.
  2. This innovative device ditches the eyepiece altogether. Instead,
  3. With its unique optical system, Hestia gathers much more light than your phone can on its own.
  4. Hestia’s portability stands tall due to its easy setup.
  5. Astronomers can easily view the planets, stars, moon, sun, deep natural sky some brighter deep sky, nebulae and other mesmerizing galaxies

Is the hestia telescope real?

Any doubt in that? Yes, the Hestia telescope is actually real. It was launched by Vaonis, a company known for innovative telescopes.

hestia telescope

Some limitations and lacking of Hestia telescope

Using Hestia telescope, you can go beyond normal features; however, you must note that Hestia isn’t a thorough replacement for usual powerful telescopes but it is always a good option for getting started in a convenient way. Furthermore, it’s very significant that you manage expectations related to Hestia telescope. Hestia, on a different note, is not very ideal for serious astrophotography because it does not contain the power of larger telescopes. On the contrary, you shouldn’t be worried because if you are looking for a user-friendly way to fulfill your dreamy excursion to the night sky, the Hestia telescope will serve you in the best possible way.

What is hestia by vaonis?

The Hestia by Vaonis is the world’s first smartphone-based telescope. It’s a compact and user-friendly option for beginners interested in astronomy.

What is the best telescope in the world?

James Webb Space Telescope beats the rest in terms of the ability to see far into the universe. It’s the most unique and the largest telescope ever invented. The reason is, it is a great telescope for beginners, easy to use, affordable, easily managed complex features and it observes the cosmos in infrared light. The latest descriptive allows it to see further back in time.

What is the most expensive telescope?

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the most expensive telescope with a price of $9.5 billion. That includes construction costs and the first five years functionality cost. The purpose is to go deep into the cosmos and to look far towards the mesmerizing galaxies.

Hestia telescope price

The Vaonis Hestia telescope costs with an estimation of $399 USD. This is the total price of telescope and a standard tripod. However, in some cases, some other additional accessories are also involved such as a solar filter, a hard case, a unique tripod so ultimately the price may vary depending on the accessories that accompany it.

Hestia telescope review


  • Portable and Easy to Use
  • lightweight and compact
  • quick observing sessions
  • user-friendly
  • Smartphone Integration
  • smartphone compatibility
  • capture detailed images and videos of the night sky
  • Great for Moon and Sun Observation
  • excels at capturing close-up views of the Moon


  • Limited Deep Sky Viewing
  •  Not ideal for viewing faint deep sky objects
  • Long exposure photography is difficult
  • Relies heavily on the Vaonis Gravity app for functionality.
  • Price vs Capability
hestia telescope

Hestia telescope for sale

As mentioned earlier, kickstarter campaign is finally over and now The Hestia telescope isn’t sold through Kickstarter; However, one can easily find it from different retailers present at workable market: The official source first is the Vaonis website because it offers a complete bucket of unique accessories such as standard tripod, a solar filter, a hard case and many other.

There is also a chance that online shop retailers and market wholesalers might also carry the Hestia. Searching online for “Vaonis Hestia telescope” should bring up relevant results.

Some additional tips for sale

  • Keep Bundles in view: Consider any additional accessory that you would need like a carrying case. This idea is beneficial as you might have to pay more hefty amount when you purchase the additional items separately.
  • Keep a check at Prices: Checking the Prices is the most important thing to do, even comparing it with other goods of same category. Also there is a difference in rates with retailers, online sellers and wholesalers so always give it a wise go
  • Read and check the Reviews: Customer reviews and satisfaction will count more so look for reviews from other customers and the retailer to know what and how something to be transformed or edited.

Hestia telescope app

The Hestia telescope is indeed dependent on Vaonis to operate in the best possible way. This app is a good option since it helps you control the telescope, provide a better version and capture images with the best result.

Download the Gravity by Vaonis app:

  1. Identification process: The app will be suitable for both iOS and Android devices. The only thing you need to keep in view is, what kind of smartphone you carry (iPhone or Android)
  1. Downloading process:
    • For an iPhone or iPad

Go to the App Store and search for “Gravity by Vaonis”.

  • For Android Devices:

Go to the Google Play Store and search for “Gravity by Vaonis”.

  1. Installing process:

After getting the app, follow the instructions so that you can easily download and then the installation will be completed on your device. In a nutshell, this downloading process is as similar to any other app when you try to install.

Points to consider when purchasing Hestia telescope

Compatibility Test:

It is always recommended that you use the Hestia Compatibility Test app when you intend to buy a Hestia telescope. This will help you in checking if your smartphone is compatible enough with the most needed requirements of Hestia. This app is actually free on the Google Play Store.

App Functionality:

The Gravity by Vaonis app has a lot to offer with regard to accomplishment of your astronomical journey from capturing images to guiding and providing information with reference to celestial objects

hestia telescope

Hestia telescope kickstarter

Kickstarter was a launched in late 2023 with an aim to generate full production and sales, There were several goals behind the launch of Hestia telescope project. It turned out to be a huge success with some exceptions on Kickstarter. The best part is, the project has already risen well. You can now easily purchase the Hestia telescope from the Vaonis website if you are extremely passionate about astronomical excursions.

Few of the highlights of Kickstarter campaign were the following:

  1. The Kickstarter campaign has seen a good rise so now the campaign itself is over at a good note
  2. The project surpassed $4 million USD, that is a significant margin if you compare it with its initial budgeting
  1. The support from people was over whelming as around 13,900 people pledged and participated in the campaigns of promoting Hestia
  2. When the campaign was in continuation, backers wisely offered its sale at a discounted price. The discount had a visible difference when compared to the final retail price
  3. Kickstarter got it successfully portrayed by connecting creators with potential backers. That supported its hype and innovation.

The Hestia telescope tripod

For good functionality of Hestia depends on the wise choice of tripod that has specific type of suitable features. Vaonis, recommends the tripod with some specifications which are as follows:

  1. It should be stable enough to prevent vibrations with a support of at least 500 g

2. It should have pan-tilt type with 2 axes and be equipped with a fluid head

The Hestia telescope accessories

Following accessories can make your experience memorable if you are a beginner who needs complete astrophotography setup

Solar Filter:

The purpose of solar filter is to block out harmful solar radiation. Hestia telescope will be ideal for viewing sky objects with special filter causing less to no damage

Light Pollution Filter:

A light pollution filter will be of great help if your location has a lot of light pollution. By using this you can get better quality images of faint objects such as galaxies because it reduces the amount of light which occur from artificial sources.


A tripod is one of the basic recommendations when use Hestia. It will not only keep the telescope stable but also clear the images that get blur.  In short, A sturdy tripod will prevent vibrations for smooth panning and tilting.

Carrying Case:

If you intend to keep your Hestia telescope protected from any physical damage, a carrying case, is a wise choice. It will be easier to transport your telescope to any desired locations.

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