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Best Telescope for kids- A journey with planets and galaxies

What is the use of a telescope?

Kids nowadays are more fascinated towards exploration and innovative missions. If you have a child who is extremely engrossed with astronomy, new tech gadgets or sky distanced objects then Best Telescope for kids is an amazing way to help them satisfy with their exploration interests.

What age can a child use a telescope?

Every technology is at best if used with limitation. With respect to, Best Telescope for kids, there’s no particular age limit for telescopes. All the kids, if they are able to handle these telescopes, they can enjoy looking at the moon, watching stars that glitter and the gazing sky when not clouded.  For ages 5-8, a simple, light weighted, easy to assemble, compact telescope is best. Kids with the age above 8, can handle telescopes with more features, like multiple eyepieces for exploring planets.

So the ideal way to choose best telescopes for kids is to match their age and interests. If you want, you can involve your kids in the selection process so your kids feel more empowered.

What telescope is best for kids?

Celestron FirstScope 76

A simple refractor telescope like the Celestron FirstScope 76 is one of the perfect examples for Best Telescope for kids

Specific features

  • It is most suitable for ages 5-8.
  • It is ideal for beginners, with least complexity
  • It’s tabletop, very convenient to use
  • It allows to get great views
  • It iscompact, easy to carry and portable
  • It shows clear views of the moon’s craters by throwing enough light.
  • It offers required zoom in and out magnification options for deep exploration

Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ

  • A simple refractor telescope like the Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ is another perfect example for Best Telescope for kids
  • It offers more magnification for exploring planets
  • It shows brighter deep sky objects.
  • It offers higher magnification for obituary details.
  • It is easy to track celestial objects across the starry night.
  • It provides a wider range of magnification options
  • It provides a stable platform for appealing view
  • It shows clear and comfortable viewing.
  • It helps navigate and locate objects that are aimed to observe
Best Telescope for kids

Gskyer Telescope

  • Gskyer Telescope for Kids is a smart and reliable choice for 5 years old.
  • It provides transparent and clear views of the moon and planets.
  • It’s user-friendly as its features are very simple and easy to be used
  • It comes with a tripod and finderscope to stay convenient on hand
  • It’s a refracting telescope with good focal length
  • It includes eyepieces offer varying magnifications.
  • It is lightweight and long lasting
  • It is an ideal choice of young explorers as it provokes curiosity.

Best Telescope for kids for 7 years old

Orion GoScope III 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope

  • It is lightweight, portable, easy to transport and durable.
  • It is easy to set up and use for kids to explore different locations.
  • It has slow-motion controls with different magnifications.
  • It provides clear views of the moon, planets, and other obituary objects.
  • It has built-in collapsible tripod.
  • It is an amazing choice for backyard astronomy

Best Telescope for kids to see planets

Who does not dream to view galloping planets orbiting around? Kids nowadays are way too curious! If your kids use this telescope, this will definitely quench their curiosity and develop a deeper love for science For the reason, a telescope for kids to see planets is available that is easy on hand and powerful enough to magnify planets and other celestial bodies, and that is, refractor telescope. It has strong magnification of around 30x to 50x with easy set up and navigation. It has extremely unique features to glimpse the rings of Saturn, the phases of moon, the nearness of Mercury, the moons of Jupiter, and the phases of Venus. So, let’s produce amazing young astronomers!

Best Telescope for kids

Tips for choosing Best Telescopes for kids:

  • Consider the interest of your kid in a particular celestial object. If he is more interested in knowing the features of the moon or stars, a galaxy or the orbiting objects.
  • Keep your child’s age in view when choosing best telescope for kids
  • Think about maturity level whether your child is able to handle it efficiently.
  • Be realistic when purchasing best Telescope for kids. Setting your budget is the most important thing to do. Therefore, check out the pricing of your desired gadget and spend wisely when you intend to shop.

Keeping the mentioned tips above in view, you can open the doors of wonders of the universe for your kids.

Hubble Telescope for kids

Zooming feature makes it unique. It clears the blurry atmosphere making it viewableIt serves as space detective  
It uses high tech cameras to capture beautiful photos of spaceIt helps scientists understand the universe’s history and the past changes
It provides transparent clear view of the mesmerizing objects  It helps in studying faraway galaxies, planets, moon and other celestial objects

Nasa lunar Telescope for kids

It provides a super natural unique view with strong close up  It may be called a mini-spaceship which speaks about moon’s features and its growth over the years
It uses magnification to make the moon look much bigger, clearer and magnified.It is applicable in kids scientific experiments where they can find love for such gadgets
It comes with two eyepieces and a tripod for steady viewingIt assists scientists in creating more stuff for future exploration

National Geographic Telescope for Kids

It is perfect for younger kids and those with curious minds since it is very light in weightIt tells about constellations and the stories roaming about its mystery
It offers strong magnification levels to zoom in on different sky constellations.  It explains theories of universe’s history and deeper functionalities as Best Telescope for kids
It has smartphone adapters to easily capture pictures and videos of mesmerizing objectsIt offers amazing views of  physical features of Earth like distant mountains, running waterfalls and deeper v shaped valleys  

James Webb telescope for kids

It has a giant mirror that gathers a huge amount of light to view faint objects which are invisible to eyes.  It can actually study the atmospheres of planets, tells about the life signs on planets and identify the much needed requirements of life on a particular planet
It has a giant sunshield that blocks the warmth from the Sun, Earth, and Moon, giving cold effect when neededIt is applicable in the field of private eye. It can see through dust clouds where new stars and planets are born.  
It uses special cameras to recognize and spot faraway sky objects.It is a tool to know the hidden history. It tells about the first galaxies that were ever formed

Toy Telescope for kids

Why to allow mobile or tablets when you have the option of Best Telescope for kids? It is an amazing gadget with some learning abilities to spark a child’s curiosity if he is eager to know about the world, in fact beyond this globe.

Such human-friendly toy telescopes are super easy to use with affordable packages available. Most toy telescopes are lightweight and can be a great source to instigate exploration abilities. Lets find out some more details as to how to make Best Telescope for kids:

Best Telescope for kids

How to make Best Telescope for kids

Materials Needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic sheet
  • Magnifying glass
  • Rubber bands
  • Color pencils, markers

  First take a cardboard tube and remove the sharp edges, Also take some clear plastic sheets along

  Next, be ready to prepare your objective lens. Use your plastic wrap and put it tightly across one end of the tube. Close the other end with a rubber band.

 Later, try to arrange a smaller magnifying glass in a way that it fixes the other end of the tube.

  After that, gently fix the magnifying glass in place with the help of rubber bands.

  Now, decorate your telescope with the help of some colors, paint, markers, stickers etc

  Finally, point your telescope at objects that are kept at some distance.

Your best telescope for kids is ready….. Enjoy

DIY Best Telescope for kids

Materials Needed:

  • cardboard tube
  • clear plastic wrap
  • rubber bands
  • magnifying glass
  • tape
  • scissors
  • paint, markers, and stickers


  • First, take two magnifying glasses of different sizes for objective lens, and the eyepiece respectively.
  • Now, prepare the cardboard tubes by coloring them black on the inside. This black construction paper is used to reduce reflections and produce better image quality.
  • Later, measure and cut the larger tube to the length that you require, keeping the smaller tube, half the length of the larger tube.
  • Next, place the larger magnifying glass at one end of the larger cardboard tube keeping the lens as properly fixed and centered.
  • After that, insert the eyepiece into one end of the smaller tube and gently close it with tape.
  • At this stage, assemble the telescope and adjust the position of the smaller tube inside the larger tube so that eyepiece is able to function properly.
  • Finally, check the working of this telescope by pointing it at a distant object.
Best Telescope for kids

Safety Steps when kids use telescope:

Following are some important safety precautions when using Best Telescope for kids:

  1. Avoid looking at the Sun through the telescope or else it will cause severe eye damage.

2. Always allow young children only when they are being supervised by their adults. Teach them to follow safety precautions and handle the equipment properly.

3. Ask kids to use a sturdy tripod if they can make it to

4. Ask kids to gently handle the telescope to avoid damaging its components. Set up the telescope in a safe backyard or an open clean space

5. Keep the telescope in a safe place where people cannot touch it easily

6. Avoid using the telescope in rainfall or thunderstorms to prevent damage to the equipment

7. Teach your kids to clean the lenses to prevent scratches.

8. Educate kids about the use of Best Telescope for kids on a longer run.

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